Police soon to wear facial recognition capable body cameras

(INTELLIHUB) — In the near future police will wear body cameras capable of ‘facial recognition’ to assist officers in searches for persons of interest.

The technology mimics a process used by the human brain to identify the target rather than the standard process of elimination that’s traditionally used by other facial recognition systems.

The new technology was developed by Neurala and will be produced under patents held by the company’s founder Massimiliano Versace.

Defense One reports: “Versace’s research was funded, in part, by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency or DARPA under a program called SyNAPSE. In a 2010 paper for IEEE Spectrum, he describes the breakthrough. Basically, a tiny constellation of processors do the work of different parts of the brain — which is sometimes called neuromorphic computation — or “computation that can be divided up between hardware that processes like the body of a neuron and hardware that processes the way dendrites and axons do.” Versace’s research shows that AIs can learn in that environment using a lot less code.”

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